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21 may. 2012

[NEWS]120520 U-KISS on their Colombian Experience & Repackaged Mini-Album

U-KISS recently held a public performance at an event in Colombia.
We met with U-KISS on the 18th, in the dressing room of KBS Music Bank, to chat with them about their experience. Their first response was “The passion from the fans was incredible!”.
U-KISS was in Colombia on April 12 for the open music festival as the Korean representative. They graced the same stage as Shakira had. The group made a layover stop to America on their way to Colombia, they said, “Our schedule is extremely tight, so after the performance we had about a day to explore around Colombia”, “Every time we walked around, there were people who recognised us from afar”.
Climbing the mountains were certainly not easy. The group is still trying to accommodate the time difference to perform on music shows, they added, “The mountains were difficult [to climb], it hurt our head a bit”, “But if we were to get another chance, we’d definitely go again”.
U-KISS is currently promoting their 6th mini-album title track, “DORADORA”. They are wrapping up their preparations for a repackaged album that is to be released in the first week of June and it will include a new track especially for their fans.

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