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22 may. 2012

[NEWS] 120521 U-KISS Dongho’s Nickname is “Casanova”?

U Kiss’s Dongho who showed off his acting skills on Holy Land that ended on May 19, covered the back page of men’s magazine, Maxim with his tough charms.
After shooting the pictorial in a leisurely manner since he debuted five years ago, he confidently and honestly participated in the interview.
When he was asked if he was ever injured during the shooting of Holy Land, he started by saying, “Yes, I got hurt a lot of times.” He also added, “When I had to break a piece of lumber, I hurt my ankle because I kicked it at the opposite site from where other actor made cracks. Not only that, if you look carefully in the poster of Holy Land, there is a scar on my nose. I got that scar during the shooting of the series.”
He smiled and said, “I never fought once in my life, but I pretty much did all the actions in Holy Land. I only used a stand-in only for the most dangerous scenes. It would be interesting to try and find the stand-in on the series.”
When the reporter asked, “Why does your ideal type change so often?” He replied, “Well, when someone asks me, ‘Is she pretty?’ I can’t say, ‘No, she’s not pretty at all.’ Thanks to that, I now have a nickname ‘Casanova.’” When he was asked about his current ideal type, he responded, “No comment.”
He also candidly confessed, “I now want to show off my manliness and my strong charms to the fans.” Dongho also shared his story about how he made money from stock marketing, starting to knit as a hobby, and the distribution of profit among the members.
Dongho’s pictorial and his interview will be available on the July edition of Maxim.

CREDITS:  TV Report + en.korea.com Ahn @KISSmeINDONESIA

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