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16 nov. 2012

15/11/12 U-Kiss’ Dongho appears as a villain in Don’t Cry Mommy

Recently, Dongho of U-Kiss said that despite possible negative influence on his “idol” image, he made up his mind to appear in the movie Don’t Cry Mommy as a bad guy.
On November 15, there was a distribution press conference of Don’t Cry Mommy (directed by Kim Yong Han, distributed by Cinema @) at CGV Yongsan in Seoul.
Dongho said, “After watching the film, people told me that I had tricked them. They insulted me saying that I was the worst guy in the film. Frankly speaking, my villain character could bring negative influence on my image as an ‘idol,’ but I thought it would be a great experience for my career as an actor.”
Don’t Cry Mommy has its motif on the true story of an adolescent sex crime. A girl (played by Nam Bo Ra) is sexually assaulted by her peers and commits suicide, therefore her mother (played by Yoo Seon) plans to pay them. Yoo Oh Sung, Dongho, Kwon Hyun Sang, Choi Dae Chul joined the cast, and Kim Yong Han, who worked in the production department of the movie Tell Me Something and Some, directed the movie. It will open on November 22.
Source: TV Report + en.korea.com

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