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20 abr. 2013

19/04/13 -U-KISS to Embark on Japanese Tour in July

Once again showcasing their immense popularity in Japan, U-KISS has recently opened ticket sales for their Japanese ZEPP Tour, which they will be playing for more than 60,000 audience members. Although ticket sales only began three days ago, more than 30,000 seats have already been sold. Tickets are selling fast to not only Japanese fans, but also Korean and international fans.

U-KISS’s ZEPP tour will be held in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka, Hokkaido and Aichi. Over five billion won (approx. $5million USD) has been placed in production costs. With an endless amount of activities, upon completion of the ZEPP Tour U-KISS will also be getting ready for their Super Arena Tour.

U-KISS has recently released their third full-length album ‘COLLAGE’ in Korea, and are now preparing for their group’s first sub-unit debut. Members Eli and AJ will begin their sub-unit activities in May. The sub-unit will also have a special feature of vocalist member, Kevin. Upon hearing the news of the sub-unit, fans have been sending lots of support on Twitter and their official home page.

uBEAT worked with Brave Brothers on their title track “Should Have Done Better”, and it will be released with their first mini-album on April 22.

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