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20 abr. 2013

19/04/13 :U-KISS’s Eli Reveals, “First Time KiSeop Buys Meal for Members in 6 Years”

Idol group U-KISS’s KiSeop’s stingy personality has been revealed.
On Y-STAR’s ‘ShikShin Road’, to be broadcasted on April 20, featuring Eli and KiSeop reveal a long-kept secret.

In this broadcast, it is revealed by Eli that KiSeop closely checks the prices of the menu at every time to see if he is overcharged. A special meal story with U-KISS was told, “That one time (he paid) for U-KISS’s meal wasn’t a joke. We could only eat it if it was cheap enough”.

Eli commented on KiSeop’s personality, “Out of all the members, KiSeop is the most stingy. During the past six years, he has only bought us a meal once”, “Until now he still carries the receipts with him”.

Even after that situation KiSeop hasn’t change, so since then KiSeop bears the nickname “ShikDae (Food Expense) KiSeop’.

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