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11 sept. 2013

{INFO/ANNOUNCEMENT} Rocketboxx's Statement Regarding NH EMG + "KPOPFunding"

It has come to our attention that the majority of U-KISS fans are in distress over the situation with NH EMG and KPOP Funding. We would like to update you on the information we currently have on hand so everybody is on the same page and no fan is kept in the dark.

Although no official statement has been supplied by NH EMG, the legitimacy of KPOP Funding has been provided through the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Translation: The 'K-POP Funding' page link that was posted this afternoon had an error. Please wait for the reposting after editing. Sorry for the confusion!
Translation provided by Rocketboxx here.

As of this moment, we are waiting for further details about the project and the funding page to be live again (click here for the KPOPFunding homepage). We are unsure of the explicit details of this project as NH EMG has not specified them. We will post updates on the situation both on the forum and Twitter as we receive more information.

We are also aware of certain individuals who have taken it upon themselves to inform other fans of certain strategic hacking. Although we cannot prove this, we do not believe NH EMG's social media accounts have been hacked by people from KPOP Funding. Furthermore, Rocketboxx's Twitter account is also safe, for those who have stated we have also been hacked.

We fully comprehend that this situation has caused outrage within the community, but until we receive further information, we suggest you look at it logically.

Please feel free to comment on the issue in this thread so we can see what the fans think. If you would like to converse with a Rocketboxx representative on this issue, you may do so on Twitter here and here.

Credits: KPOPFunding + @ukisskorea + @ukiss_intl + Rocketboxx.net

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